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Junior High: Staff: Reid, Normagene

6th Grade Spelling Lists 2013 -2014 School Year

Plurals         bunches children heroes calves moose peaches leaves libraries valleys chiefs tomatoes calves beliefs . . . read more

Test document for linking purposes

by Normagene Reid | August 13, 2011

test posted document read more

Poetry Proof Packet - form to be filled in, as poetry is written or found

May 10, 2011

Poetry Proof Packet                    This packet belongs to: . . . read more

Secret Knowledge of Grown-ups project - scoring guide

May 10, 2011

Secret Knowledge Scoring Guide Secret Knowledge is a fictional tall tale to explain why we have certain rules that we are expected to follow.  Scoring 10 Strong 8 Average 6 Needs . . . read more

Doghouse Project

Dog-House Project    Congratulations!  You are about to undertake your last project with me this year.  You will be writing a “ How To Book ” on surviving or staying out of trouble in sixth grade. . . . read more

AlphaBiography Project

May 2, 2011

Alpha-Biography Project (Due Dates at bottom of page) Click Here for Scoring Guide An AlphaBiography is a biography with a twist; you will choose an important event from your life for each letter of the . . . read more

Parts of Speech Project

by Normagene Reid | March 23, 2011

You and a partner will choose one project to complete demonstrating your knowledge of the different parts of speech.  Each group will submit their project plan for approval, before purchasing or creating any materials.  We have . . . read more

Memoir Project

October 14, 2010

Memoir A memoir is a story of something that has happened in your life that had an impact on you.  It is a snap-shot of one event, not a complete biography of your life.  Your job as a writer is to capture one event.  . . . read more

Project Links page - Find and view handouts and additional information about projects

Memoirs:                      Memoir Project  click here Poetry Proof Packet - a unit of study: . . . read more

Language Arts Weblinks Online

February 9, 2010

Parts of Speech Practice    Grammar Arcade from Class Zone textbook online   Verb Viper Game - Subject-Verb Agreement   MUGs - Sentence Mechanics, Usage, and Grammar - Help online . . . read more

Spelling Lessons: Plans and Activities

My plan for spelling this year: 6th Grade Spelling Lists  (click above) Lessons will take place by unit.  Spelling tests will take place after unit is complete, once per week.  Shortened . . . read more

Class Period

August 13, 2009

A Typical Daily Schedule in the Writing Workshop Classroom :   45 min. class period Bellwork : 5 min warm-up lesson/free-writing* Mini-lesson : 5 - 15 minutes detailing a specific writing skill . . . read more


Language Arts Syllabus 2013-2014 Marshfield Junior High-6 th Grade   Objective:   Students will be able to communicate effectively through various forms of writing using standard English . . . read more


August 13, 2009

Computers are a necessary tool for writers today.  We will use this tool to word process our some of our writing while learning lessons about the computer's limitations, abilities, and hazards. The word processing hazards being . . . read more

Assignments, lessons, and due dates

Everyday, students will experience a warm-up activity, a lesson (mini-lesson), and workshop** time to complete assignments.  *All plans subject to change according to student need at the time, and 'teachable' moments . . . read more

Writer's Workshop

May 25, 2009

Welcome to Mrs. Reid's  Writer's Workshop Home  for our study of  Language Arts Writer's Workshop Spelling Lesson plans, Assignments and Due dates . . . read more

Normagene Reid

  Mrs. Reid Language Arts  PHONE: 417-859-2120 ext. 2340  E-Mail: Normagene Reid       Writer's . . . read more


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