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Seniors Graduating at Semester

by Morgan Weatherly

January 17, 2012

    As that May graduation weekend slowly creeps closer and December crawls to an end, many seniors are just one more semester away from walking that stage and receiving their diploma. There are a few seniors, though, who are walking their own stage at semester.

    Every year, there are a handful of seniors who took extra courses at some point and qualify to graduate high school a semester early in December rather than May. To qualify for early graduation, the seniors have to meet regular graduation requirements, have at least 25 credits, 95% attendance record by the end of the semester, and they have to apply for early graduation in September and write a letter to request graduation a semester early. Early graduation is no easy feat and it is mathematically impossible to get 25 credits by December.

    “[Seniors] have to do something extra,” high school guidance counselor Lindsey Baedke says. The extra classes have to be on the student’s own time and budget.  Senior Hannah Bigley took a short course to get her extra credits and now she can graduate early. Bigley is excited to graduate and begin her life as a graduate.

    To leave at semester, there’s no party, but those early grads are more than welcome to come back for graduation in May to walk with their friends, and they can participate in any other senior class activates such as Prom, the memories assembly, and Project Grad.

    The numbers of those graduating at semester are creeping up. Baedke says “Seems to get a little bigger every year.” As this semester ends, it’s the beginning for some; beginning of college, jobs, family, and life as an adults.


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