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America Through the Eyes of Adrianna

by Morgan Weatherly

December 16, 2011

Student Feature: Adrianna Dziobek

    When beginning a new school year, some may get a new outfit or take a fun class, but Adrianna Dziobek got a new home, school and country for this school year.

    Dziobek is Marshfield High School’s 2011-12 Foreign Exchange student. Coming all the way from Brϋhl, Germany, near Cologne, Dziobek was in for a big change to small-town Marshfield.

    “Everything is different,” Dziobek says, but “like it here more.”

    To become a foreign exchange student was a long process, but “it was my dream to see the U.S.” After an interview with the organization about her personality and ability to speak English, Dziobek was going to America. She was fortunate enough to find her home-family within two weeks, compared to the usual few months.

    Dziobek is a very dedicated student. She is a dancer for the Jaywalkers, did hair and make-up for the fall musical “Nunsense: The Mega Musical”, and was in the top 12 in Storytelling. This busy student even plans to play soccer later this year.

    As involved as Dziobek is, the transition from Germany to America was a huge change. “People talk too fast,” says Dziobek about her first week in the States. But after some time it got much better. She even thinks in English now.

    Another change other than language would be education. Germany and Marshfield’s school rules are very different. There, educators don’t allow any food, drink, or gum, “and here teachers sell gum!” Another variation is that Marshfield has sports with the school, while Dziobek’s Germany school didn’t offer sports with school other than Gym class.

    Dziobek learned English as a kindergartener when she was living in Poland; Later moving to Germany after 7 years of Poland. In 6th grade, she had to choose between Latin and French. Choosing Latin, this only adds to her many languages she knows. Dziobek is fluent in German, Polish, Latin, and English. She wants to learn Spanish for fun.

    “People are more open,” she says about the people in America. Dziobek is involved in the school, having fun and making lots of new friends. She’s fulfilling her dream.


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