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The Blue Jay Chatter: Editorial


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Change in ID Policy

by Amberlee Rost & Beth deLeon

November 28, 2011

As students many of us have lots of things on our mind. Between homework, college, friends and extracurricular activities we can be stretched pretty thin.

                So when administration changed the ID policy from last year they added yet another worry to our day. Now not appropriately displaying, or not having and ID is an automatic referral.

                We feel that this is a little extreme. If we have our ID’s, and can put them on when someone reminds us that should be enough. Actually the ID policy isn’t the problem. The need for student identification is undeniable. ID’s are an important resource to increase safety and security in the high school. It is the punishment that we find extreme. If a student has their ID with them they should not be punished so severely for something as trivial as not having the ID around their neck.

                In addition to that, the teachers who are looking for students to send to the office are also excessive. Making a game out of the students’ mistakes is sending the wrong message.

                How can students feel comfortable with their teachers when those teachers are not only dwelling on their mistakes but finding enjoyment in them?

                If car insurance companies can have accident forgiveness, students who obey student conduct should be forgiven for making the mistake of forgetting to put on their ID once or twice during the year.


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