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Student Spotlight: Steven Beeler

by Haley Day

April 12, 2011

    As the fictional NASCAR racer, Ricky Bobby once said, “I want to go fast!” Sophomore, Steven Beeler shares the same desire.
    At ten years old, Beeler’s father introduced him to drag racing. Six years later he is just as in love with it as the day he first started his engine.
    “Well, when we first moved here, we just had friends who raced,” said Beeler. Friends then got his father hooked, which led to Beeler’s infatuation for it.
    His favorite part? Going fast of course! The nerves can also be pretty exciting which Beeler admits keeps him on his toes.
    “They tell you when to go and you have to immediately react to it,” said Beeler. “After that, you pretty much just have to concentrate on keeping yourself going straight.”
    And if you were to lose focus for too long, the consequences could be tremendous. Thankfully, however, Beeler has suffered from no injuries caused by racing. Not to say though that he’s never had an injury period.
    “I’ve raced with broken arms before,” said Beeler, “and I even still won a race.”
    Winning a race with a broken arm must count for something when measuring Beeler’s skill. That’s not his only way of measuring it though. He has actually won quite a substantial number of races. That doesn’t stop him from maintaining his humility, though.
    “I’ve won probably twenty or thirty of them,” said Beeler. “But I’ve probably had just as many runner ups.”
    Now who, exactly, is Beeler competing against? Obviously there is no school drag racing team so where do all of his competitors come from?
    According to Beeler they can come from anywhere within the United States and their ages can range anywhere from his own age of sixteen, to 40 or 50.
    Whether Beeler will end up racing well into his middle aged years still remains a question.
    “You can race in college, but I’m not really going to pursue it,” said Beeler. “People can make a career out of it, but I’m still undecided.”
    Whether he decides to continue racing throughout his life, or call it quits when adulthood approaches, Beeler is (as of now) injury free, loving what he's doing, and still having success as a racer now, and there’s nothing more anyone could ask for.


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