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MHS Students Forced to Test at Other Schools

by Matthew Lewis

March 07, 2011

    Students who take the ACT don't always get to test at their school of choice.

    At the last ACT at MHS there was a total of 108 students, 42 of which were not MHS students.  This means that many more MHS students can't test at their own school.  According to High School Counselor Amanda Badgett about 10-15 MHS students have to take the ACT at other schools every time.

    To make more room for students to test at MHS there are going to be less plus writing tests given and more regular tests.  There are always extra tests at the testing facilities for standbys.  Standbys are people who were not previously registered for the test but show up on the day of the test.

    "We have more kids than ever during tests," said Badgett.

    Having more MHS students during the test wouldn't necessarily make the testing easier, but it would help with checking in.


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