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Movie Review: The Eagle

by JP Jacks

February 18, 2011

Director: Kevin McDonald(The Last King of Scotland)
Writers: Jeremy Brock, Rosemary Sutcliff
Star: Channing Tatum(Dear John, Step Up)
Supporting Actors: Jamie Bell(Defiance, Jumper), Donald Sutherland(M.A.S.H.)

The Eagle is an action film based off the 1954 novel, The Eagle of the Ninth. In 140 AD Marcus Aquila(Tatum), becomes a centurion to regain the honor of his family name that his father had lost when the legion that he commanded—the ninth—was wiped out, north of the later built Hadrians Wall. More important to Rome’s honor, along with his legion, Marcus’s father lost the Golden Eagle, or the Eagle Standard, which represented Rome and everything it represents. During Marcus’s first command as centurion he injures his leg while rescuing a patrol he had personally deployed. To his disappointment this earns him an honorable discharge which ironically earns him no reconciliation towards his familys' honor. Once his leg properly heals Marcus takes matters into his own hands by venturing past Hadrians Wall into Britain with only his British slave, Esca(Bell) in order to find The Eagle and unravel the events of his fathers death. Although The Eagle has an interesting story, its pace is too fast which doesn’t allow suspense or artistic themes to rise. I would not suggest anybody go to the theaters to watch this movie, but to anybody who enjoys medieval movies it will be worth renting in a couple months.


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