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Movie Review: 127 Hours

by JP Jacks

December 16, 2010

    127 Hours (director: Danny Boyle/Slumdog Millionaire) is the remarkably true story of a man’s will to survive.
    Aron Ralston (James Franco/ Spiderman,  Freaks and Geeks) is an independent young man who lives a high adventure life, in which he spends much of his free time in Utah’s Blue John Canyon. Early in the film Aron is hiking back to his bike after escorting two lost women to their destination when he steps on an unsteady rock which sends him plummeting 10 feet down into the canyon. During the fall the rock and his hand wedge into the canyon walls, trapping his hand 4 feet from the bottom of the canyon.
    For the next 127 hours Aron watches his life slowly, “flash before his eyes,” as he fights for survival with the gear he has including: his climbing gear, I canteen of water, and a cheap multi-tool—that came free with a $15 flashlight.  The only thing keeping him sane during his ordeal is his video camera and the fifteen minutes of sunlight that seeps through the canyon at the same time every day.
    When Aron runs out of water and has a realization of why he is in the canyon…alone. He records his last goodbyes in his camera and makes a drastic decision that can quite possibly be his only way to survive.
    This film is filled with suspense along with frequent humor due to Aron’s optimistic personality. I recommend this movie to everybody—especially those who have outcast themselves from their loved ones.


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