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Privacy not happening in restrooms

by Michelena Halley

December 08, 2010

 The right to privacy is part of our rights as citizens and as people in general.

Privacy is very important to some when using the restroom at home or in public. Marshfield high school bathrooms are not in as good of a condition as one might think considering how nice our school really is.

The high school is not old by any means and still for the most part is in good condition, but the bathrooms are not. In the girls bathrooms the stalls for the most part do not lock or shut properly, causing little or no privacy for girls.

The boys bathrooms are not better by any means. They have four urinals and three stalls. The stalls they do have do not lock properly or shut properly either. The urinals are no better than the stalls. They offer absolutely no privacy, and when in school where everything could be seen as sexual harassment one would think the school would offer more privacy to its students and staff.

The stalls could easily be fixed if the doors were just realigned to fit on the hinges properly, and the urinals could be fixed by putting up a wall or median of some type between each urinal. The bathrooms frequently run out of paper towels which is expected but it is also expected that they get fixed within a day or so not within the week that they ran out, as with toilet paper.


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