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Movie Review: Tangled

by Amberlee Rost

December 06, 2010

    Walt Disney Pictures latest movie, "Tangled", is a film filled with dreams and purpose. This movie has love, comedy and even takes you on an adventure.

    "Tangled" is based off the old children story Rapunzel, where a beautiful young girl with 70ft of long blonde hair is kept in a tower for the first 18 years of her life.

    Rapunzel, voice of Mandy Moore, has been kept in a tower all her life with her only outside sources being her colorful pet chameleon and the floating lights she longs to see.

    Rapunzel's life is flipped upside down when a young thief named Flynn Rider, voice of Zachary Levi, climbs into her life and takes her on a never ending adventure.

    Even with a well-known story line, "Tangled" has many surprise's as well as Disney traditions with in the movie.

    The morals of the story, like many other Disney Princess stories, set the mood for determination to succeed. By the end of this movie, your dream will be to get tangled all over again.

For Movie showtimes follow the link: http://www.tributemovies.com/cinema/Missouri/Springfield/ 



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