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Justion Robertello Achieving Goals

by Amberlee Rost

February 10, 2012

    Everyone strives to achieve success. Justin Robertello is making the progress he needs to achieve his goals.

    Robertello was recently accepted not only to UMKC but also their music composition program.

     “I was very surprised,” said Robertello.

     This is not easy to accomplish when only 12 people a year are accepted into the program. These can range from undergraduates to doctorates.

      “You can only hope for so much. I didn’t doubt myself but the stakes were high,” said Robertello

      The reward came after hard work and dedication. Robertello had many tasks to overcome before he could be accepted. He had to put all of his original pieces on a cd. The cd had to be labeled correctly, with his sheet music organized correctly in a folder. He also preformed the piano for his audition.

       Overall Robertello’s hard work and positive attitude helped him be one of the five undergraduates that were accepted into the group of 12.

        “The worse they could do was say no,” said Robertello.


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