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Student Spotlight

by Ashton Davis

January 31, 2012

by Ashton Davis

Blue Jay Chatter

It’s been nearly a month since MHS sophomore Gabby Grammer left for China over Christmas break to go to “New Days Orphanage.” The children there are either awaiting surgery or recovering from surgery.

                When Grammer , her sister, and mother arrived in China they were the only volunteers at the “New Days Orphanage, ” they lived in a six bedroom house with a shared kitchen and living room. While in China her diet consisted of very little meat, she had Flat Bread, Rice, Noodles, Eggs, and Fried Green Beans.

 “Everything we got came in large portions, so it wasn’t just a little bit of noodles it was a lot of noodles,” she said.

                While there, Grammer became very attached to one little boy Anton, she had a chance to go to another orphanage campus and help deliver supplies.

“We collected the supplies here before we left, when we got a chance to take them I couldn’t pull myself away from the kids I’d grown attached to," Grammer said. “My mom and sister took the supplies, so I could stay behind.”

                Grammer also got to sight see while on the trip. She and her family went to the Great Wall.

“The people of China set up booths to sell things for the Americans and other tourists that come through. They like to chase you down to try and get you to buy their stuff," she said.

The focus of the trip, helping the children and workers at the orphanage, was a positive experience according to Grammar, and made a lasting impression on her.

                “Over all the trip was an amazing experience, every kid there makes the orphanage into the place that it is," she said.


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