New Substitutes

Application for Substitute Teachers

Please complete all steps in order to qualify as a substitute teacher

     1. Substitute Certificate: 
The State of Missouri requires all substitutes to hold either a Missouri Teaching or Substitute Teaching Certificate. You will need to FIRST apply online with DESE (Department of Elementary & Secondary Education) for a substitute certificate. Original transcripts will be required. Applicants are responsible for the $50.00 application fee. You will find the link HERE. You are required to complete all 3 steps for DESE certification.

     2. Complete the Substitute Teacher application online. Click HERE.

     3. Print and Complete the following forms and return then to Central Office In Person.
       * Fingerprint/Background Check
        ​*Missouri W4 form
       *Federal W4 form
       *I-9 E-Verify form  (Identification required. Your Social Security card will need to be viewed if not provided as a document) ​(if you are having trouble opening the I-9 document, please download and then open the document from file, this should open without error - thanks)
       *FERPA and Harassment Receipt
          **FERPA pamphlet
          **Harassment pamphlet
       *Ethnicity/Race Document
    ​   *Payroll Documents
     4. View Substitute Training Video Overview
       *Certification of Completing Training Video  (must print, sign and return to Central Office with Packet).
         Substitute Teacher Handbook (for your use/records)

     5. Complete Technology Training Presentation
          *Technology Use Agreement
         *Certification of Completion - Technology Training

     6. Mandatory Reporter Information (must print, sign and return to Central Office with Packet).
         Reporting Child Abuse 
         One of the school’s main goals is to promote a positive learning environment. It is, however, generally accepted that we cannot fully separate how students learn from how they live. In such instances where a student brings personal issues to the attention of a school faculty/staff member, here is some information and suggested guidelines to help.  Some professions are “mandated” reporters with regard to child abuse/neglect of minors (persons under 18 years of age). Examples are school teachers, principals, doctors, social workers, nurses, day care workers or those who have “care and custody” of minor children.
Anyone can make an anonymous hotline report by calling 1-800-392-3738. One has to do so, however, in good faith. It may or may not be investigated given the information provided and information that may already be in the hands of the Children’s Division of the Missouri Department of Social Services. The Missouri Department of Health indicates that child sexual abuse and physical abuse is one of the most underreported of all crimes. The law (Missouri Revised Statutes 210.109-210.166) errs on the side of reporting vs. not reporting. There is immunity for those who are reporting in good faith and without ill intent.

Once the above procedures and documents are complete and received at Marshfield R-1 Schools Central Office, located at 170 State Hwy DD, your name and information will be added to our substitute teacher file. You will be contacted if additional information is necessary.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to maintain an active certification. Applicants are responsible for all costs.