Medication Policy

Prescription medication:

            Medication brought to school should be in a properly labeled container from the pharmacy with only those doses to be given at school, and with instructions for any special need for storage. Your pharmacy will give you an extra labeled bottle for school if you request it.  The medication  should not exceed a 30- day supply. A Medication Administration form should be completed and signed at the time the medication is delivered. Any remaining medication should be picked up by the parent or designated adult within one week after the final date on the medication form or it will be disposed of. Medication will not be sent home with students. 

Over the Counter Medication:

        Non- prescription medication will not be supplied by school personnel. The parent/guardian must complete a medication administration form for the over the counter medication, and deliver the medication to the school in a properly labeled container.  The school nurse cannot exceed the recommended dose for that child without a prescription from the child's primary care provider.  


      High school students can carry a single-dose of medication on their person if it is in a properly labeled container, this is for use ONLY for that student. 


  • Questions? Contact your child’s School Nurse